Round 1 Goes to PlayStation 4

With the first round of announcements behind us, the only thing that’s clear in the inevitable and perpetual Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 battle is that there is no clear winner. Microsoft finally unveiled its next-generation video game console on Tuesday and once all the dust settled, Anandtech’s Anand Lal Shimpi took a step back and laid out everything we know about these two beastly consoles. Lal Shimpi’s analysis is extensive and thorough, as always, but it boils down to this: Based on what we know at this point, Sony has the edge in terms of specs and raw power.

While both consoles make use of an eight-core AMD Jaguar processor — which is a big win for AMD — the PlayStation 4 features 1,152 GPU cores compared to the Xbox One’s 768 graphics cores. Sony’s new console drives 1.84 TFLOPS as a result, compared to the new Xbox’s peak shader throughput of 1.23 TFLOPS.

The PlayStation 4 also has the edge when it comes to system memory, featuring 8GB of 5500MHz GDDR5 memory compared to the Xbox One’s 8GB of 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. Embedded memory and embedded memory bandwidth for the Xbox One are still unknown.

What does all this mean? In terms of raw gaming power, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the clear winner. As we have discussed in the past, however, Microsoft and Sony’s missions appear to be diverging to an extent, as Microsoft continues to layer more home entertainment features on top of the Xbox’s gaming features.

For hardcore gamers though, the PlayStation 4 seems like the better bet at this point — assuming the allure of Microsoft’s IllumiRoom project is removed from the equation.



Fighting game sale kicks off on EU PS Store today

Mega Games Hub

Sony has kicked off a sale on PS3 fighters on the European PlayStation Store.


The offers below run for two weeks, from today May 22nd until June 5th 2013.

Sony didn’t specify, but the discounts might not go live until the PS Store’s regular weekly content refresh.

PS3 (with additional 10% discount for PS Plus subscribers)

  • Double Dragon Neon: Was €7.99/£6.49, now €3.99/£3.19
  • Final Fight: Double Impact: Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99
  • Golden Axe: Was€4.49/£3.69, now €1.99/£1.59
  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North: Was €19.99/£15.99, now €9.99/£7.99

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My PS4 console design mockup, based on the close up images from the teaser video.


Really nice mock-up of the PS4 based on the teaser trailer images. I’ve seen one other that was well done, but I thought it looked too much like the PS3. I HOPE this is what it looks like.

My PS4 console design mockup, based on the close up images from the teaser video.

My PS4 console design mockup, based on the close up images from the teaser video.


Update: Just to clarify, not actually mine. Posted this using the imgur plugin and never gave it a real edit. The title was the one from imgur.

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Deep Silver reveals DLC plans and confirms Season Pass for Metro: Last Light

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(Press Release) Deep Silver today announced that 4A Games will be supporting the critically acclaimed Metro: Last Light with a series of original single player content packs throughout the summer.

·        The ‘Faction Pack’ and the ‘Chronicles Pack’ will  include new, original single player gameplay that expands on the Metro: Last Light universe and story

·        The ‘Tower Pack’ will present a unique solo challenge to Metro veterans

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Best of PlayStation Network Vol.1 Announced

Sony has announced that they are releasing a collection of the best games offered on the PSN in one, physical package.  The package, titled Best of PlayStation Network Vol 1, features When Vikings Attack, Sound Shapes, Fat Princess, and my personal favorite, Tokyo Jungle.  The bundle will be available in stores June 25th for $39.99 for the PlayStation 3, and speaking of collections, the Jak and Daxter Collection will be coming to the PSVita June 18th for $29.99.  In case you haven’t heard me say it before, which is unlikely because I’ve said it numerous times, Tokyo Jungle is by far one of the best games I’ve ever played.  The total bundle would save you $15 as opposed to buying the games seperatly on the PSN, but honestly Tokyo Jungle pays for most of that cost.


Console War Too Close To Call

A long time ago, way back in 2006, Sony launched its third home console ‘PlayStation 3’ while Microsoft launched their new console the ‘Xbox 360.’ While Microsoft strategically priced their console at $399, Sony received much criticism for their launch price of $499 for the 20GB version and $599 for the 60GB version. Everybody thought the console war would easily go to Microsoft because of the overwhelming cost of a PlayStation 3. Towards the end of 2012, the Sony PlayStation 3 finally passed the Xbox 360 in total unit sales. However, since then it seems Microsoft and the Xbox 360 have taken the lead back. After around seven years, the console war is tighter than ever and there are only about six months until the next generation consoles are released. According to, the Sony PlayStation 3 has sold 77.2 million units while the Microsoft Xbox 360 has sold 77.3 million units. It doesn’t really matter to me who wins this war, but wouldn’t be that much sweeter if Sony pulled it out after being doubted for so long?