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PlayStation All-Stars: First DLC Includes Kat and Emmett Graves


SuperBot Entertainment showed off a new pair of fighters in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale at the Sony Santa Monica studio recently: Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk will be the first two DLC characters to join the fracas. The character pack containing both will be free for a limited time when it arrives sometime early next year.

SuperBot’s director Omar Kendall also premiered a brand new level for the game, combining the worlds of Heavenly Sword and Wipeout into a beautiful but precarious environment. The actual pricing (and release date) for the level hasn’t yet been decided.

While letting us play a little bit with each character, Kendall talked to us about the reaction to PlayStation All-Stars, why these two characters are the first to make the DLC cut, and what else SuperBot has planned.

Source: JoyStiq

Hopefully the game focuses on more famous PlayStation characters as the DLC keeps coming. I’d much rather like to see strong PlayStation staple characters such as Crash Bandacoot, Altair or even Snake. Agreed there is a strong argument for these first two DLC characters, but for PlayStation fans who have been around for some time, bring back some of the original/famous stars of the platform!


Borderlands 2: ‘Captain Scarlett’ DLC Out Today

New areas, enemies, quests, and more loot await, but be prepared: the treasure is rumored to be guarded by the largest, most vicious creature on Pandora.

Get Ready for a Swashbuckling Adventure:
Fight off hordes of new enemies including pirate bandits, and desert worms.

Forge (And Break) New Alliances:
Meet Captain Scarlett, you’ll need her help to make your way through Pirate’s Bay. But watch your back, Pirates will do anything for treasure.

Discover Uncharted Territories and Find New Treasures:
With a multitude of new quests and locations, Pirate’s Booty is set to offer more of everything. New side quests, new weapons, new gear are all yours for the taking.