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PSN October 30th: Twisted Metal for $40


Twisted Metal is heading to PSN October 30, as announced in a recent PlayStation blog podcast. The game will also see a drop in price, as it will be available on the service for $40.

Creative Director David Jaffe said the game was “not a dud, not a hit” back in August. Jaffe left Twisted Metal developer Eat Sleep Play after the game’s launch in March.

Source: JoyStiq


The Walking Dead Game and Collector’s Edition Coming December 4th

The Walking Dead: The Game from Telltale Games will be available nation wide on December 4th for $29.99 but if you want to be able to own the $69.99 collector’s edition, you’ll have to make the trip down to your local Gamestop.

Available only through pre-orders, the big box will include the following:

  • The Walking Dead: The Game with all five episodes of the game
  • The Walking Dead Compendium One ($59.99 retail price, comes with the first 48 issues) with Charlie Adlard exclusive box art
  • Collector’s box with Charlie Adlard art

Telltale Games also confirmed to IGN that this version of the Compendium is exclusive to the collector’s edition, meaning that it is a true collector’s item.

As for the conclusion of this season, no specific date has been given to the fifth and final episode of the game series, No Time Left, though it is currently scheduled for release at some point in November.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal BETA this week!

PlayStation Blog has announced that Battle Royale‘s beta kicks off tomorrow (October 16th) for PlayStation Plus members, and Vita owners. If you aren’t apart of the exclusive group of individuals subscribed to Plus, or touting a Vita, then you can download PlayStation All-Stars beta next week (October 23rd).

The beta’s feature list is comparable to earlier builds, and includes:

Characters: Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa, Fat Princess.
Stages: Metropolis, Hades.
Modes: four-player online tournaments, 2 v 2 online tournaments.
Cross-Play, friend inviting.

Source: PSLifestyle

New Black Ops II Screen Shots

Activision has released new screen shots for their latest installment of Call of Duty. The screen shots focus on multiplayer online and the popular multiplayer game mode zombies. Check out the new screen shots below.

Black Ops II is due out worldwide in November 2012 for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

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Black Ops II’s Pre-order Bonuses

If you belong to the bizarre breed of gamers that just has to be first at everything, then you’re probably going to want to pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Alongside exclusive access to the previously announced Nuketown 2025 map, you’ll also score double XP for all of your endeavours throughout the game’s launch weekend. That’s going to be paramount in your pursuit to hitting prestige before anyone else.

In North America, the bonus can be secured by pre-ordering from Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us or Walmart.

Source: PushSquare

Before you start: Dishonored gameplay tips!

This article caught my eye since I will be picking up Dishonored in about an hour and thought it was a great read. Check it out thanks to Kotaku.

Revenge ain’t easy. While playingDishonored, an excellent new stealth-action game that’s out today for consoles and PC, you might find yourself face-to-face with a pack of pistol-brandishing guards or surrounded by a swarm of hungry, plague-infested rats. Or maybe you just don’t know where to go next.

Whether you’re stuck in a tight spot or just wondering how to get the most out of yourDishonored experience, allow us to help. Here are some tips for playing Dishonored the best way:

Decide Your Approach In Advance

I won’t tell you whether to turn your Corvo into a lethal assassin or a sneaky pacifist. That’s totally up to you. But I do recommend that you pick one way from the outset and stick with it for as long as you can. Why? Because the game tracks your performance with a statistic it calls Chaos. When you murder lots of people, the stat raises. When you sneak around or use nonlethal methods to take out your opponents, it stays low.

The entire last mission plays out much differently based on whether you’re in High Chaos or Low Chaos mode, so if you switch approaches halfway through the game, you might not get the ending you want.

Play Around With All The Options

You might be the type of person who loads up a new game and ignores all of the options. Don’t do that. Dishonored has tons of sliders and switches you’ll want to spend time looking at. In addition to the difficulty level, which you’ll decide as you start a new game, there are all sorts of options to toggle and tweak. You might want to turn off mission markers and try to plot your own way to each new target, or you might want to play without any health bars or other interface obstructions. Your call.


Wander around. Find hidden passageways. Break into peoples’ apartments. This is a game you can play by barreling from target to target, trying to kill everyone as quickly as possible, but to do so would be missing the point. There are all sorts of creepy characters to meet and interesting things to see. Go find them.

Upgrade Blink ASAP

The blink spell will be your best friend and your staunchest ally as you use it to teleport through the dim alleys and dusty streets of Dishonored. As soon as you pick up a couple of runes—hidden treasures that you can use to select skills—I recommend you use them to upgrade blink, which extends your teleport distance and lets you travel even further. This is eternally helpful no matter how you want to play.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Potions

RPG fans might be conditioned to hoard their resources, saving them only for difficult encounters. This is unnecessary in Dishonored. There are potions just about everywhere, so don’t be afraid to use them. (Plus, there are no boss battles to wait for.)

Look, Read, Listen

You’re exploring, right? While you’re scouring the hotels and brothels and government offices ofDishonored‘s main city, Dunwall, take the time to experience the art. Check out the posters on peoples’ walls. Read the book excerpts you’ll find in cabinets and desk drawers. By far the most impressive thing about Dishonored is the intricacy of its world design, so let yourself get wrapped up in everything it has to offer.

And if you’re not listening in on conversations everywhere you go, you’re missing out on some of the game’s best writing.

Think Vertically

If you’re ever stuck on a particularly tough area, know that there are always many ways to get past a problem. Often these are vertical solutions. Blink up to the rooftops and take down enemies from above, or climb down to the sewers and sneak into an enemy-infested building without making a sound. If you’re ever not sure where to go next, get high or get low.

Get Creative

Sneaking up behind an enemy guard and stabbing him in the neck is always satisfying, but there are so many ways to kill people, you’d be remiss not to try them all. Experiment with your spells and gadgets. There are a lot of combinations to discover. (For example: stop time as an enemy is firing his gun at you, then possess another enemy and move him in front of the frozen bullet. Unfreeze time. Bam, friendly fire.)

Be Prepared To Play Again

During an interview last week, Dishonored designer Harvey Smith told me that he thinks the second playthrough is even more satisfying than the first. Having spent a fair amount of time replaying the game’s missions, I think he’s spot on. Going back through the game again allows you to try new approaches to every challenge, find connections that you didn’t know were there before, and uncover cool little secrets and easter eggs that are hidden just about everywhere inDishonored. This is a game worth experiencing multiple times.

PlayStation All-Stars update: No unlockable characters

In a lengthy video interview, SuperBot’s Lead Game Designer Omar Kendall answered a variety of community queries ranging from Crash Bandicoot’s inclusion, and DLC characters to arcade mode and the end boss.

Responding specifically to fan requests for Crash Bandicoot, Omar acknowledged the marsupial’s popularity, but uttered nothing in the way of confirming him one way or the other:

We obviously know at SuperBot and at Sony how important various characters are to the game, Crash Bandicoot in particular. We got this question at San Diego Comic Con and my president, Chan Park, gave a very good answer: ‘It takes two to tango’. We know the fans want Crash. We want Crash. Crash is not owned by Sony. So it is a negotiation between Sony and the IP holders for all of the characters that exist in the game. We’re very interested in making that happen but it’s not for free. I do want the fans out there to know that obviously we recognized the interest in Crash and characters like Crash.

When questioned about post-launch All-Stars being added via DLC, Omar offered a much more hopeful answer:

It has dawned on us that it’s very important and fans are interested in it. If there’s enough fan interest post-launch, we definitely want to support the game with DLC. Absolutely.

But, unfortunately, Omar re-confirmed the 20 launch roster statement from last week while notably stating that they’ll all be unlocked and ready to brawl from the get-go:

Ya, we went back and forth on this; ultimately we decided not to have any characters locked so the entire roster will be available and unlocked the first time you play the game

Omar went onto speak about the underlying story connecting all the characters in the game, while alluding to the villain who will be the force drawing these characters together:

There is an evil mastermind (I wont call him evil) who’s sorta responsible for the things you’re experiencing and you’ll get a sense for who that is through the arcade mode

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle