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Monday Night Madden 2013 (Week 7)

Detroit Lions (2-3) @ Chicago Bears (4-1)

Madden Score: Detroit Lions 38 – Chicago Bears 60

Madden analysis: Holy gun-slinging, high-flying, lions and bears out of the cage Batman! Are you kidding me Madden? Quote me on this, there is absolutely NO way the Bears put up 60 points tonight. I watch a lot of football and can’t remember the last time 60 points was put up by any team, let alone Cutler and company.

Detroit Lions team leaders


  • M. Stafford – 24/37/238 2 TDs and 1 INT


  • C. Johnson Jr. – 4/58 and 1TD
  • M. Leshoure – 13/33


  • C. Johnson Jr. – 8/81 and 1 TD
  • B. Pettigrew – 5/41
  • M. Leshoure – 5/65 and 1 TD

Kick Return

  • S. Logan – 3/151 and 1 TD
  • N. Burleson – 4/100

Punt Return

  • S. Logan – 2/93 and 1 TD

Chicago Bears team leaders


  • J. Cutler – 30/38/454 7 TDs and 1 INT


  • M. Forte – 19/47
  • M. Bush – 10/39


  • B. Marshall – 11/165 and 2 TDs
  • M. Forte – 7/103 and 2 TDs
  • A. Jeffery 8/101 and 1 TD
  • D. Hester – 2/75 and 1 TD

My analysis: Like I said, NO possible way the Bears put up 60 points tonight. Additionally, although more realistic, the Lions will still not put up 38 on this Bears defense. The Lions have struggled to get their offense going earlier than the 4th quarter this year and will continue to do so tonight playing in Chicago. Also, Jay Cutler throwing for 7 TDs is a joke, but that comes with saying the Bears don’t put up those 60 points Madden says they could. The Bears home field will be an advantage, but will be lucky to put up half of 60. In the end, the Bears pull out the win. Detroit Lions 17 – Chicago Bears 23.


Monday Night Madden (Week 6)



Denver Broncos (2-3) @ San Diego Chargers (3-2)

Madden score: Denver Broncos 24 – San Diego Chargers 32

Madden analysis: Going into half time, the Broncos held a 21-10 lead. The second half was a total different story as the Chargers outscore the Broncos 22-3 in the second half.

San Diego Chargers team leaders


  • P. Rivers – 16/25/194, 3 TDs 0 INTs


  • R. Mathews – 23/148 and 1 TD


  • M. Floyd – 4/71 and 1 TD
  • R. Mathews – 1/39 and 1 TD

Denver Broncos team leaders


  • P. Manning – 37/49/366, 3 TDs 1 INT.


  • W. McGahee – 17/46


  • D. Thomas – 7/93 and 1 TD
  • E. Decker – 7/102
  • W. McGahee – 3/75 and 1 TD

Our analysis: Going into week 6, Denver is set at 0-2 on the road while the Chargers are at 1-1 at home. Absolutely no way Mathews runs all over Denver tonight and I doubt Rivers and company go a full game without a turnover. Denver gets its first road win of the season 29-23 putting them in 1st place in the AFC West.

Recap: Monday Night Madden 2013 (Week 4)

Alright no excuses here. Bottom line is Madden was correct, actually almost spot on last night. In making my prediction, I thought the Bears would again struggle on offense (seeing as Jay Cutler has been terrible so far this year) and I thought the Cowboys would finally break out some offense (and why would they not – they are loaded on offense). Turns out the Cowboys still can’t find a way to move the ball and Tony Romo has been a bit of a question so far this year with season totals of 5 TDs and 8 INTs. With weapons like Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and DeMarco Murray I strongly feel they should be able to put up some more points.

The total game stats were fairly balanced, the single thing that killed the Cowboys last night was turnovers totaling 5 (all by Romo) opposed to Chicago’s 1 fumble. Jay Cutler finally put together a solid game since week 1, completing 75% of his passes while throwing for 275 YDS, 2 TDs and 0 INTs. If Jay Cutler can become a more consistent player – which I doubt he ever will be, the Bears have a real shot at going back to the super bowl in the next few years. Check back next Sunday night to see what Madden predicts for the Houston Texans @ New York Jets game.