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Quick Review: Uproar

Uproar is the new free-to-play third-person shooter created by Lockwood available through the PlayStation store. I heard about this game a few days ago and finally got around to playing it. I hadn’t been on PlayStation Home in over a year and didn’t expect much from the game, but for some reason I could not put down the controller.

The game is multiplayer only and focuses on squad based 4v4 matches which seem to take place in warehouses. The levels do change in fact offering different layouts, which is fun for awhile but also gets boring because there is no variation in scenery or strategy.

The weapons in the game are fairly balanced, and I recommend unlocking one of the silenced weapons with your first unlock. One missed area of opportunity is with equipment. There are no grenades, claymores or any sort of other equipment to use in order to kill someone. You are equipped with a melee weapon as well as a side arm and primary to start and those are your weapons of war.

Overall the game is fun to play and worth checking out if you aren’t sure what to think bout it. Give it a few rounds and make your own choice. You have to go in remembering you can’t expect too much from a free-to-play game.

Score: 73/100


PlayStation To Get Rewards Also

After Microsoft announced they would reward Xbox Live Gold members for achievements through their MyAchievements program Sony announced they would be doing the same. Xbox¬†rewards will be based on Gamerscore and give ‘Champion’ level members a 1% rebate and ‘Legend’ members a 2% rebate on Xbox Live Marketplace purchases each month (big deal). In addition, Microsoft will offer a ‘special reward’ during their birthday month.

Sony basically is doing the same thing called PlayStation Rewards, though still in the Beta. There will be a ‘Pro’ and ‘Legendary’ status for users depending on activity level and purchases. Users will also be invited to sweepstakes, events and giveaways in addition to avatars, themes and PlayStation Home content.