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Medal of Honor: Warfighter 1 Hour Trial

Tomorrow, October 23rd, PlayStation Plus members can get a free 1 hour trial of the new Medal of Honor. Nothing major, but for you PlayStation Plus members, it may be worth checking out at least to get a quick fix of FPS before Black Ops II comes out next month.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal BETA this week!

PlayStation Blog has announced that Battle Royale‘s beta kicks off tomorrow (October 16th) for PlayStation Plus members, and Vita owners. If you aren’t apart of the exclusive group of individuals subscribed to Plus, or touting a Vita, then you can download PlayStation All-Stars beta next week (October 23rd).

The beta’s feature list is comparable to earlier builds, and includes:

Characters: Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa, Fat Princess.
Stages: Metropolis, Hades.
Modes: four-player online tournaments, 2 v 2 online tournaments.
Cross-Play, friend inviting.

Source: PSLifestyle

PlayStation Plus: October

Sony Blog Manager Fred Dutton outlined the PlayStation Plus October 2012 content for subscribers today and it looks like a pretty solid month for Plus subscribers.

As of tomorrow Plus members get free access to Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit – wild and crazy side-scroller as you jump into the shoes of a demonic rabbit hell-bent on vengeance after pictures of him in the shower make it onto the internet.

Next, on October 10th, you can get your controller hands on EA’s out of this world shooter Bulletstorm. In this wild space shooter you will enjoy an hugely addictive combat system which lets you customise your kills in endless ways, which can be pretty cool although I only played the demo.

Also on 10th October, you can grab yourself Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – Capcom’s 2009 zombie shooter, with all post-launch DLC.

I’d say make that your first go considering the game received pretty good reviews. After that, move onto the newly released Resident Evil 6, which launched today on PlayStation 3.

In addition, subscribers will get additional deals, themes and avatars as the month progresses. Here’s a brief list of some additional deals offered this month:

• 3rd October: Spelunker HD – 50% off the full game and 50% off various DLC packs for two weeks
• 10th October: Derrick the Deathfin – 30% off
• 17th October: Dogfight 1942 – 50% off a bundle including the full game and two DLC packs
• 24th October: Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit – 20% off DLC packs

Lastly, here’s a list of games being removed from your Instant Game Collection in October:

• 3rd October: Red Dead Redemption
• 10th October: Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light
• 10th October: Saints Row 2