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Resident Evil hits rock bottom on Metacritic

Metacritic is the popular website that compiles reviews from many different companies and users throughout the world. Today, Resident Evil 6 user review stands at .4 based on 1,835 ratings, yes that is correct. Overall, the game still stands at 77 by critics reviews, which is still a total let down for any fan of the Resident Evil series.


This Week: Resident Evil 6

If you forgot, HERE’S YOUR REMINDER! Resident Evil 6 hits retail stores this Tuesday. The game is set to take place in a China coastal town called Lanshiang. See the final Resident Evil 6 video from the Tokyo Game Show below before the game’s launch in addition to the full list of PlayStation 3 games released this week. Don’t forget to check back next weekend for our full review of Resident Evil 6.

Here is a full list of PlayStation games being released this week:

  • NBA 2K13 – official site
  • Sonic Adventure 2D
  • NiGHTS into Dreams…¬†