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Head-to-Head: BO2 vs MOH


In a little over two weeks, gamers around the world will go crazy for Black Ops II. In the mean time, Medal of Honor has taken over the number one spot in Europe for sales. Should you go buy Medal of Honor today (if you haven’t already) or wait for Black Ops 2? Which is going to be the better of the two you may ask yourself, well take a look at the review scores and see for yourself. According to Metacritic the scores for previous games are listed.

Call of Duty

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – 94
  • Call of Duty: World at War – 85
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 94
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – 88
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – 88

Medal of Honor

  • Medal of Honor – 75
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter – 55

Reviews are sometimes biased because its only what that one person gives the game, so that’s my warning. However, clearly the Call of Duty series has been more successful with reviews and they have figured out a formula that sells. It seems to me the Medal of Honor series tried to duplicate the exact same formula and gameplay as the Call of Duty series with their recent release of Warfighter. This attempt is seen as a failure to me and many critics have ripped this game apart earning the game an embarrassing low score of 55 of Metacritic. I know Call of Duty has remained what people would call “the same” over the past few years, and they complain about this, however they continue to buy the new game every year. The new Black Ops looks to have changed a little, which I believe is good for the series and will get people excited. Save your money for the sure thing and wait two weeks for Black Ops II and stay tuned for a special ‘Everything You Need to Know’ on Black Ops II coming next week.




Medal of Honor: Warfighter 1 Hour Trial

Tomorrow, October 23rd, PlayStation Plus members can get a free 1 hour trial of the new Medal of Honor. Nothing major, but for you PlayStation Plus members, it may be worth checking out at least to get a quick fix of FPS before Black Ops II comes out next month.

Interview: Medal of Honor Warfighter

PowerGamer sat down with Elisabetta Silli, senior level designer at Danger Close to talk about the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The original interview is in Swedish, but they provided us with a spot on English translation. Read it all below.

Medal of Honor has made like a ”habit” to use sensitive topics in their stories. In the first game it was about the war in Afghanistan and in Warfighter there is a mission that takes place in Somalia. Can you explain your strategy about how you choose the different conflicts for the game?

This time we wanted to have real missions, real locations and real soldiers. Two consultants who have been special op soldiers have written the story which is very personal, real and is about what they experienced. Like the mission in Somalia which is based on real events, and then we have other locations as well. It’s a bit more authentic way to tell the story.

As you say the missions are based on real locations but not on the real conflicts. But some would maybe argue that you make entertainment on others misery, what do you have to say about that?

It’s not about that. We wanted to tell a story about real operations and the rest is about what happens in those missions. We don’t want to talk about other topics in the game.

In the game you can choose between different special op teams and amongst those, one special op team from Sweden. How come they are in the game?

We have a lot of people from DICE and they really wanted to have the Swedish special op team SOG in the game. We have those classes and tried to choose between as many different as possible. Our gameplay is based on it and hopefully the gamers will feel the variety.

Which one is your favorite?

My favorite? (Here Elisabetta is thinking for while) I would say the Navy SEAL.

Can you tell us a bit about the other locations where the game takes place?

We have eight different locations and some of them you may have already seen while playing the game earlier. We have Sarajevo, Somalia and some other locations but I can’t say more than that.

Will the multiplayer maps be based on the same locations?


Is there anything you can tell us about the story?

Let me think for a bit… Hmm, unfortunately no. You have to play the game to see it, that is all I can say.

The game will be release for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Which platform do you

Hmm, I don’t have a favorite because we’ve played on all platforms. We had different
phases in the development were we started with the PC-version which I got used to. Then
we switched to Xbox 360 and I was thinking, “Oh no now I have to adapt to the Xbox 360!”
But I learned how to play (on the Xbox 360) until we started with the Playstation 3, and now i also enjoy playing on the Playstation 3. But I guess it is all about what you are used to play on.

So those who are used to play on the PC will simply have to play on that platform?

Exactly! But me for example, I was against playing FPS on consoles. It’s weird at the
beginning but we had to try all the control schemes on every platform, to see how it worked and be able to optimize the controls afterwards. But we had to get used to every platform and I was a bit scared at first, but now I can play on either one of them.

If we talk about the game, how did you do the research?

We had some help from a couple of guys from the military and they helped us with a lot. Like how the locations looked like and what was realistic and what wasn’t realistic, but also how things were placed. We either had to add or remove things and we tried to keep the single player in phase with multiplayer, by having maps based on the same locations. That way you can explore the same maps but with different perspectives which is fun.

But how do you do research for a country like Somalia, where no one enters because of the dangerous situation?

A lot of pictures! We have got our hands on a lot of pictures from Somalia and our
consultants have actually been there. So they could tell us a lot about the country. A lot of
material comes from them and together with Google Maps we tried to make the maps as
close to the real thing as we could. Also it was so beautiful there that we really wanted to
have maps based on Somalia. Then we got help from the people that we’re making the
single player maps and we had our soldiers who said “no that cannot happen there, or no
that is not how it looks”, and so on.

Unfortunately that was all the time we got with Elisabetta Silli who really couldn’t talk
anymore about the game at all. You can check out the original interview on Swedish here.